Everything you see here, was designed by nature.
When we showed our respect to the centuries old trees,
they guided us for the places of tables.

Everything you hear was also designed by nature.
Happy songs of the birds and even the dances of the leaves
are all about the nature-made music, everyone believes.

Everything you smell was designed by nature, for sure.
Sycamore trees, cedars, oaks and flowers,
surrounds the wonderful atmosphere with rapture.

And obviously everything you taste was designed by nature.
Tables are prepared filled with the generous gifts of the earth

Sento is a place to dream and smile.
Taste the best with sweet, spicy, hot and sour.
Sento is the fairy tale of a discovery journey
and the feelings of all of you, them and me…

Nature designed hand in hand with man.

The shade of centuries-old trees inspired man. Man touched nature gracefully and set happy tables among the trees. Sento, a fine-dining restaurant that dreams of exploring the boundaries of flavor with its guests, started its journey with this dream. Today, it invites you to discover the most exquisite palates of the Mediterranean with menus from its kitchen offering a first-class culinary experience, a rich wine cellar that extends beyond the Aegean and signature cocktails that will surprise you.


Nature, which offers a wide variety of fruits, herbs and spices to the infinity of imagination, is also the chief designer of the sento bar menu. The role of man is to discover with passion, to reveal the flavor hidden in aromas with creative pairings and to share it with a perfect presentation. Our elegant and surprising signature cocktails are waiting for you in our seasonally changing menu to turn every moment of life into pleasant memories with colorful discoveries.

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Seeking the answer to the question of how to set the happiest table, sento hosts famous chefs of the Mediterranean in its kitchen at special events and welcomes popular artists to accompany the songs of the birds. Friends come together at sento and touch the joy of life.


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